Yet Another Felicitous Set

Earning favours in style

Changes in 1.0.1
Added missing attribute on Gaskins.

Partially commissioned by Robin~

The Felicitous Tunic, Gaskins and Thigboots, upscaled to YAB+ sizes.

The Tunic is only Small/Medium/Large, as it completely covers all of the Buff-ness anyway. But! It does come with the metadata tags to hide the cape, the tassel on the hood, or the bag if you'd like (A, B and C respectively)! I did spend a few hours trying to see if I could swing hiding the hood as well, but I just couldn't get the boshed textures I put under it to look anything but horrible - sorry!

The Gaskins come in Watermelon Crusher and Skull Crusher sizes, each with Small Booty options. Recreated the shape data for tucking it into boots but didn't test all that extensively, so if you find a pair it clips with please do drop me a message.

The Thighboots come in Watermelon or Skull Crusher sizes.

If you want to hide parts (the parts are listed in the description so you don't have to come back here for them), select the mod, click on the Advanced Editing tab > Meta Manipulations > Variant Edits, add one for Equipment/enter the ID 6185/Body/1, click the plus, uncheck as you desire, apply changes, redraw.

As always, requires a bibo based body.

If you want to scream at/with/about me or my mods, my discord is @fightylighty, or you can ping me wherever you like (or just talk about me in the YAB server and I'll still see it because I'm nosy but too shy to talk much lmao). If you'd like to support my work, my Kofi is "Hey lighty, what are you up to next/when are you going to do xyz??" check out my Trello!

Don't forget your workshops~


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  • Tunic Size:
    1. Omit
    2. Small
    3. Medium
    4. Large
  • Gaskins Size:
    1. Omit
    2. Watermelon Crushers
    3. Watermelon Small Booty
    4. Skull Crushers
    5. Skull Small Booty
  • Thighboots Size:
    1. Omit
    2. Watermelon Crushers
    3. Skull Crushers
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Felicitous Gaskins
  • Felicitous Tunic