Energy Up!

Casual Sport wear for all females

DoA port for Patron's early access at August 2023 (1 of 3)
Available for All Females, Lalafell Unisex

Thanks Afterseen for the commission!

Replaces: Gryphonskin Breastguard, Gryphonskin Pantaletts, Survival Boots, Edenchoir Wristband

Lalafells have 3 options as vanilla, Otopop or Re[de]fined Lalafell,
otopop and Re[de]fined Lalafell version required to download their body mods,
Vanilla doesn’t require any additional download:

Otopop by Ulli:

Re[de]fined Lalafell by Minou:

Credits: Bibo+ for Bibo Team
Krauter for Remin
Otopop for Ulli and Re[de]fined for Minou
Afterseen for the commission and provided ripped model


For my mods that's still on hold in early access vaulted, keep it personal edit, once it goes to public then you are allow to release
vaulted content you are ok to do personal edit and share your edited version privately.
DM me if you have question

Download size 14.73 MiB
Space required 50.83 MiB
Total downloads 155
1.0.0 downloads 155
1.0.0 released 16 days ago
Mod released 16 days ago
  • Races
    • KrauterXS
    • KrauterMedium
    • Lalafell (Vanilla)
    • Lalafell (Otopop)
    • Lalafell (Relala)
  • Parts
    • Wristband
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Boarskin Survival Boots
  • Edencall Wristband of Aiming
  • Edencall Wristband of Casting
  • Edencall Wristband of Fending
  • Edencall Wristband of Healing
  • Edencall Wristband of Slaying
  • Edenchoir Wristband of Aiming
  • Edenchoir Wristband of Casting
  • Edenchoir Wristband of Fending
  • Edenchoir Wristband of Healing
  • Edenchoir Wristband of Slaying
  • Gryphonskin Breastguard
  • Gryphonskin Pantalettes
  • Icon: 42501
  • Icon: 46627