Yet Another Educand

Educandid. Educandified.

Changes in 1.0.1
Fixed attributes.

Commissioned by DevD.Wilky~

The Educand's Sailor set, upscaled to YAB+ sizes. Top comes in Small, Medium and Large, all with Buff options. Skirt comes in Watermelon And Skull Crushers, both with Small Booty options.

Glove compatible (expect clipping on Buff sizes if using with non-buff gloves), and skirt bootifully dutifully tested for clipping, but expect some with difficult sit poses (looking at you, Roe chairsit 1).

I almost forgor to include that the scarf can be hidden with variant part A, but it does make the collar float a lil weirdly, so use at your own risk.

To hide parts, select the mod, click on the Advanced Editing tab > Meta Manipulations > Variant Edits, add one for Equipment/enter the ID 6162/Body/1, click the plus, uncheck the first box, apply changes and redraw.

Requires a bibo based body.

If you find a bug, have a question or just wanna give sympathy for how crappy I feel today, my discord is @fightylighty. If you'd like to support my work, my Kofi is "Hey lighty, what are you up to next/when are you going to do xyz??" check out my Trello!

I'm gonna curl up on the sofa now~


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Total downloads 368
1.0.1 downloads 211
1.0.1 released 15 days ago
Mod released 18 days ago
  • Top Size:
    1. Omit
    2. Small
    3. Small Buff
    4. Medium
    5. Medium Buff
    6. Large
    7. Large Buff
  • Skirt Size:
    1. Omit
    2. Watermelon Crushers
    3. Watermelon Small Booty
    4. Skull Crushers
    5. Skull Small Booty
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Educand's Sailor Skirt
  • Educand's Sailor Top