Toxic Lions Scroll Work Tattoo

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This mod pack contains a scroll work, dotted and line design tattoo with a lion chest accent (Midlander - Male Only).

Toxic Lions presents, The Lion of the Lame
In the beginning, there was the Nemean Lion of Greek Mythology who only Hercules himself was able to slay.
Little did anyone realize that a second lion was lurking in the shadows. Legend has it that the Lion of the Lame
is the most treacherous and insolently bold ever to have existed. This lion will let you get in close before striking with all of its hate.
Worry not though, as you will not have to face this beast! I bring you tidings that the Toxic Lions has provided this pelt as camouflage for you to wade through its lair unscathed.

Join me in sporting the toxic Lion Tattoo and I hope to see you all out there with me!
#toxiclionssquad - tag the squad and show me your smiles!


Permissions of Use:

  • Do not claim as own / repost / or use it as base and reupload
  • Do not use for commercial purposes
  • Do not use in any paid releases
  • Do not port to other games
  • Do not port to other bodies without permission
  • Do not redistribute without permission
  • Do not include textures in 3D conversions
  • Private edits OK for personal use ONLY but do not repost for free, paid or otherwise
  • Assets used for this tattoo have been licensed and those terms prohibit a transparency inclusion (sorry guys!)


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Space required 21.33 MiB
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1.0.0 released 16 days ago
Mod released 16 days ago
Options No configurable options.
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Midlander Male Skin Textures