AsymFaces - Au Ra Female

A framework mod aiming to make Au Ra Female player characters' heads & faces asymmetrical

Changes in 4.5.2
ver4.5.2 - corrected mapping not being asym (again) on F4 models with modded teeth
	- all modpacks, addons & creator resources have been updated to reflect these fixes
Extra files
AsymFaces Au Ra F Textures Library 221.02 MiB → 1.17 GiB
62 files 1 child
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AsymFaces Au Ra F 3D Creator Resources 114.23 MiB → 376.39 MiB
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Part of the AsymFaces framework series.

Intended to be used with asymmetrical face textures and, I hope, will lead users & creators to build their own custom faces including but not limited to scars/scarring, make-up, freckles, beauty spots etc

More races & genders will eventually be added overtime to this large-scale project.

This mod is FREE and is also accessible through Ko-Fi for those who wish to donate.


Main installation includes a choice of modded teeth between

  • Vanilla
  • Bites
  • LorFangs
  • Lor+Bites Combo (LorFangs for top teeth, Bites for bottom teeth)
    as well as texture choices between Vanilla, BW and NGRIJX color variants including Black Sclera options for Xaela faces

Download folder includes a variety of (free) addons for popular scale mods and some of their color variants, such as:

  • Ruta Scales (vanilla/BW/NGRIJX)
  • NB Scales (vanilla/BW)
  • Petit Scorpion Scales (vanilla/BW/NGRIJX)
  • MTF Horns (vanilla/BW/NGRIJX)

More addons (free or not) may be added in future updates.

DL Creator Resources (Drive)


NO Commercial Profits, NO 1:1 Reuploads

Private Edits, Paid Private Edits (ie comms) OK
Public Edits OK + CREDIT
Temporary Paywalls (ie Early Access) OK
Vaulted (perma-paywalled) Edits NO
Unsure? Ask me
Download size DL size 388.95 MiB
Space required Space req. 1.93 GiB
  • Raen - Scale Color
    1. Vanilla
    2. BW
    3. NGRIJX
  • Xaela - Scale Color
    1. Vanilla
    2. Vanilla (Black Sclera)
    3. BW
    4. BW (Black Sclera)
    5. NGRIJX
    6. NGRIJX (Black Sclera)
  • 3D Model Options
    1. Vanilla
    2. Bites
    3. LorFangs
    4. Lor+Bites Combo
  • Material Settings
    1. With Pores
    2. Poreless
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Au Ra Female Face (Face) 1
  • Au Ra Female Face (Face) 101
  • Au Ra Female Face (Face) 102
  • Au Ra Female Face (Face) 103
  • Au Ra Female Face (Face) 104
  • Au Ra Female Face (Face) 2
  • Au Ra Female Face (Face) 3
  • Au Ra Female Face (Face) 4