Yet Another Dancer's Attire

Time to belly dance your way to victory

Changes in 1.0.2
added Belly clearance on Rue sizes to reduce clipping with C+

Contributor Information

  • Illy Does Things, Tsar & bizu for Bibo+
  • Aleks for Yet Another Body+
  • Zephyr for Yet Another Rue+
  • SE for the vanilla meshes

fit around both Yet Another Body+
and Yet Another Rue+

YAB+ upscale of the lv80 Dancer Artifact Set


  • Small, Medium & Large Chest sizes, both for YAB+ & YARue+
  • Buff & non-Buff arms
  • an extra bra design for Large sizes, a bit kinkier
  • Buff gloves
  • Watermelon & Skullcrusher Leg sizes
  • "Small" Butt option
  • Metadata toggles (see below)

Chestpiece metadata toggles:

  • A: Flaps
  • B: Neck
  • C: Chest Jewelry
  • D: Belly Jewelry
  • E: Hips Jewelry
  • F: Ribs Jewelry

Bottoms metadata toggles:

  • A: Hips Jewelry (won't appear anyway if worn with a Top that has the "Waist" attribute)
  • B: Calves Jewelry


  • Clipping is bound to happen with extreme poses & extreme C+ scaling
  • while Vanilla Long Gloves will more than likely clip with Buff Arms, Bibo+ upscales of the Armlets by freyapurrito or redmagnos have both very minimal clipping, should you prefer to use them.
  • Vanilla Thigh Boots will clip


  • Don't claim as your own, nor reupload without my permission
  • Feel free to upscale further / tweak / mash-up / whatever, but please do give credits
  • Absolutely do not use this mod for any NSFW work involving Lalas or characters minors of age
Download size 6.6 MiB
Space required 12.99 MiB
Total downloads 1,148
1.0.2 downloads 514
1.0.2 released 12 days ago
Mod released 16 days ago
  • Dancer's Casaque
    1. None
    2. Small
    3. Medium
    4. Large
    5. Kinky Large
    6. Small BUFF
    7. Medium BUFF
    8. Large BUFF
    9. Kinky Large BUFF
    10. YARue Small
    11. YARue Medium
    12. YARue Large
    13. YARue Kinky Large
    14. YARue Small BUFF
    15. YARue Medium BUFF
    16. YARue Large BUFF
    17. YARue Kinky Large BUFF
  • Dancer's Armlets
    • BUFF
  • Dancer's Bottoms
    1. None
    2. Watermelon
    3. Skullcrusher
    4. Watermelon (Small Butt)
    5. Skullcrusher (Small Butt)
    6. YARue Watermelon
    7. YARue Skullcrusher
    8. YARue Watermelon (Small Butt)
    9. YARue Skullcrusher (Small Butt)
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Idealized Dancer's Armlets
  • Idealized Dancer's Bottoms
  • Idealized Dancer's Casaque
  • Virtu Dancer's Armlets
  • Virtu Dancer's Bottoms
  • Virtu Dancer's Casaque
  • Weathered Dancer's Armlets
  • Weathered Dancer's Bottoms
  • Weathered Dancer's Casaque