Asymmetrical UV Update Chestpiece Megapack (Tall F)

A mani-pedi style pack, but for chestpieces!

Changes in 1.9.1
Amother day, another path typo found.
-Fixed Black Summer Halter and variants not appearing properly (Thanks pillbox!)

Annoyed by your tattoo breaking when leveling up a character? Can’t remember if you actually found a dedicated upscale for a piece of gear? Starting a new alt and frustrated by a lack of options to keep their fancy new skin intact? Well have I got a surprise pack for you!

A collection of tall female chestpieces updated to use an asymmetrical skin UV, intended to cover practically all of the game.

This should, at this point, cover almost all in-game accessible models that show skin, as well as some cash shop ones. I've only intentionally excluded the Scion's outfits (felt kinda weird to do, honestly!) and the New World Jacket. If you find a piece that I haven't done, please let me know! No hard feelings if you choose to make and release it yourself, either.

Works with vanilla inspired UVs. There is no upscaling or 3D model shaping involved here, ONLY skin material changes. Works with diffuse edits, texture edits in general, and coloursets. It shouldn't conflict with anything that doess not directly include a .mdl. This is mainly a fallback measure for if no current upscale exists but you really want to use the piece, or just want a vanilla chestsize. If you wish to use an actual upscale, simply place it one priority higher than this megapack.

Note: I set these up to use Bibo as that is what I personally use. If you use a vanilla style UV that is not _bibo, go to “Advanced Editing’, the tab “Material Reassignment”, and change From bibo To your material path.

This will not work for any Gen3 style UVs without those skin mods being converted to a vanilla-inspired UV first. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience.

If you happen to notice a piece of gear is missing a racial variant, or if I missed a piece of gear I said should be in there, please reach out to me on Discord letting me know which one!

HUGE thank you and credit to JenF ( for the guide on how to do these easily! Thanks for stopping me from hand stitching all of these like I had been. JenF is making a megapack like this one, but for pants! Check it out over here if you'd like that as well: !

Additional Major thank you to Ram Ram goes woomy! ( For taking several screenshots demonstrating what this pack does, if the wording confused people!


Use it the same way you'd use vanilla items, comply with HS' terms of service. I don't care if you use these for mashups or whatever, it's all SE's stuff.

Download size DL size 30.59 MiB
Space required Space req. 73.45 MiB
Options Simple mod — no options.
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • AR-Caean Velvet Work Shirt of Crafting
  • Adamantite Mail of Maiming
  • Adventurer's Hooded Vest
  • Aesthete's Doublet of Crafting
  • Aetherial Boarskin Harness
  • Aetherial Cotton Cowl
  • Aetherial Cotton Tabard
  • Aetherial Felt Bliaud
  • Aetherial Linen Cowl
  • Aetherial Linen Shirt
  • Aetherial Peisteskin Harness
  • Aetherial Raptorskin Harness
  • Aetherial Steel Chainmail
  • Aetherial Velveteen Cowl
  • Aetherial Velveteen Shirt