Hrothgar & Viera Hats

Adds hat and hair compatibility for both Hrothgar M and Viera M/F

Changes in 3.9.1
- Black Inu Kabuto (White Inu Kabuto)
- Grey Hound Helm (Hellhound Helm)
- Kabuto of the Blue
- Dai-Ryumyaku Hitai-ate of Healing
- Dai-Ryumyaku Seibo of Casting
- Crimson Inoshishi Kabuto (Inoshishi Kabuto)
- Barghest Helm (Moddey Dhoo Helm)
- Behemoth Helm (Replica Behemoth Helm)
- Heavy Behemoth Helm (Replica Heavy Behemoth Helm)
- Scaevan Helm of Fending (Scaevan Helm of Maiming
- Rakshasa Mask of Fending (Rakshasa Mask of Maiming)
- Choir Hat
- Cobalt Nezumi Kabuto (Crimson Nezumi Kabuto)
- Auroral Coif (Chimerical Felt Coif of Aiming, Chimerical Felt Coif of Scouting, Chimerical Felt Coif of Striking, Gloam Coif)
- Astrum Helm (Serpentskin Helm of Maiming)

Hrothgar & Viera Hats

Modifies the hair models for ALL Hrothgar and Viera allowing them to be compatible with hats, head gear, helmets, and hoods.

Also adds custom 3D models for ALL hats, head gear, helmets, and hoods for both Hrothgar and Viera(*)

Majority of hat physics & visors function

Please submit any feedback, suggestions, or bug reports HERE

If you see hair and hats disappear at long distances, make sure to disable using LOD
in-game settings

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(*) Viera hat models are currently a Work In Progress.
Currently includes all head gear from Shadowbringers onwards.
A complete list of headgear can be found on the Nexusmods Page.


Please do not:

  • Claim this mod as your own work
  • Re-upload or re-host this mod without permission from Roxl

You can freely:

  • Use parts of the mod to create your own
  • Use the mod as a reference to develop your own
  • Create custom content that uses the mod

And please do at least link to either the Hrothgar & Viera Hats mod page, or to my twitter page if you create content based off this mod

Download size DL size 37.4 MiB
Space required Space req. 91.02 MiB
Options Simple mod — no options.
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Abyssos Helm of Fending
  • Abyssos Helm of Maiming
  • Abyssos Hood of Striking
  • Abyssos Mask of Aiming
  • Abyssos Mask of Scouting
  • Aetherial Cotton Cowl
  • Aetherial Linen Cowl
  • Aetherial Velveteen Cowl
  • Aetherial Woolen Cowl
  • Allagan Helm
  • Altered Linen Cowl
  • Altered Woolen Cowl
  • Althyk's Helm of Scouting
  • Althyk's Helm of Striking
  • Antiquated Chaos Burgeonet