Atramentum Luminis

"An enchanted ink that radiates Light, yet is suitable for use on the human body."

Changes in 3.3.1
Fixed various bugs caused by a build issue.

This framework works on all races and genders, and enables including glow information in some textures, using symmetric models with asymmetric textures, and more. A glowing vanilla-like iris mod is included, but for anything more custom, you'll need to bring your own specifically-designed texture and/or material mods alongside this framework.

Please see for information about how to design your textures and/or materials for this framework.


You may not sell this framework unmodified, or any unmodified part of it. Other than that, you may do what you want with this framework, including but not limited to studying it, modifying it and making any kind of derivatives (including for commercial purposes). If you want to include this framework unmodified or part of it in a package you're selling, you must make this framework available separately for free, for example by linking to one of its web pages. This framework also comes as-is, without warranty of any kind.

Download size DL size 568.79 KiB
Space required Space req. 2.38 MiB
  • Skin Framework
    1. None
    2. Textures-only (Legacy, Deprecated)
    3. Textures and Materials
  • Iris Framework
    1. None
    2. Textures-only (Legacy, Deprecated)
    3. Textures and Materials
  • Hair Framework
    1. None
    2. Textures and Materials
  • Iris Textures and Materials
    1. None
    2. Vanilla-like with pseudo-limbals
  • Skin Material Slot A
    • Bibo+ textures for ♀
    • TBSE textures for ♂
    • HR3 textures for ♂
    • AVB textures for Lalafells
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • All Eyes (Catchlight)
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 1
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 101
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 102
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 103
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 104
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 191
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 192
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 2
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 201
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 202
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 203
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 206
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 249
  • Au Ra Female Face (Iris) 3