Bunny Megapack

Upscale of various feet gear pieces to the Bunny+ feet mod.

Pre-Dawntrail mod
This mod was last updated before Dawntrail became available to download. This does not necessarily mean that the mod won't work, but please keep it in mind.
Changes in 2.11.0
Added the Ronkan Thighboots of Aiming, Maiming, and Scouting.

Upscale of various feet gear pieces to the Bunny+ feet mod. You can choose whether to make the shoes compatible with versions using the Anatomically Correct hrFeet (where those exist).

⚠ Several of the pieces were upscaled by Blue Rabbit. For males, when relevant, they are based on the shape of Blue Rabbit's larger feet.
⚠ An optional "overrides" file is also provided with versions of the mods that use a different model than the default, such as those using Blue Rabbit's larger feet or those compatible with other body types.
⚠ Important: By default, some of the shoes included in this pack use a single model for female midlanders (and therefore female highlanders, miqo'te, elezen, roegadyn, and au ra) and male midlanders (and therefore male highlanders, miqo'te, elezen, and au ra). Due to some of those also having modded versions (both for females and males), this modpack separates midlander females in the relevant metadata files and includes options to keep midlander females using the vanilla version of those shoes. If you have mods installed for any of those, make sure to uncheck the appropriate options.

(* preview picture by me.)

(* you can find an alternative download link from Google Drive here.)

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  • Bunny+: Required prior installation.

Tiny for the original base textures, Tsar and Illyriana for the Bibo+ body, Tsar for The Body SE, Illyriana for the original Oracle Leggings mod, Kitsuu for the Endless Summer Sandals, Bizu for the original female Summer Sunset Sandals model, and Blue Rabbit for various pieces.


You must credit Tiny, Tsar, Illyriana, Kitsuu, Bizu, and Blue Rabbit for their work. Furthermore, this mod inherits the permissions of all other mods used in its making.

Download size DL size 15.33 MiB
Space required Space req. 35.01 MiB
  • Male Endless Summer Sandals
    1. Male Style
    2. Female Style
    3. Bare
  • Female Endless Summer Sandals
    1. Male Style
    2. Female Style
    3. Bare
  • Male Summer Sunset Sandals
    1. Male Style
    2. Male Style (Larger Feet)
    3. Female Style
  • Female Summer Sunset Sandals
    1. Male Style
    2. Female Style
  • Crescent Moon Slippers
    1. Keep Ribbon and Pompoms
    2. Remove Ribbon
    3. Remove Pompoms
    4. Remove Ribbon and Pompoms
  • Dancer's Shoes
    1. Default
    2. Open-Toed
  • Hrothgar Compatibility
    1. Incompatible
    2. Compatible
    3. Do Not Touch Metadata
  • Midlander Female Vanilla Models
    • Hard Leather Caligae
    • Landking's Shoes
    • Pagos Sandals
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Viera Sandals
  • Viera Sollerets