Otopop Mega Vanilla Conversion Pack

a collection of all the vanilla to otopop conversions I've done so far

Changes in 2.8.9
Megapack Update:
New Items(all remaining pants):
Asphodelos Hose of Aiming 
Edencall Breeches of Casting 
Ktiseos Bottoms of Casting
Omega Trousers of Aiming
Omega Trousers of Fending
Omega Trousers of Healing
Pioneer's Bottoms (m+f)
Pummeler's Cuisses
Ravel Keeper's slops of aiming 
Reaper's Poleyns
Scion Adventurer's Bottoms 
Skallic Bottoms of  Striking (F)
Skallic Bottoms of Healing(F)
Snakeliege Brais
Stained Manderville Bottoms

Bug Fixes: 
:white_check_mark: Yorha type 2 pants: incorrect attributes
:white_check_mark: Yorha Type-51 trousers of fending/maiming- minor clipping
:white_check_mark: Yorha Type 51 trousers of aiming/casting/healingg--- tights clipping
:white_check_mark: Yorha Type 53 Casting/healing--- short clippings, incorrect waist attribute
:white_check_mark: Yorha Type 55 Fending--- Back of tights clipping, shorts clipping, normal's issues on tights
:white_check_mark: A2 top clipping, boxer band thing clips too
:white_check_mark: casual jacket clipping + empty space
:white_check_mark: fix to valentione's tights
:white_check_mark: updated street top--- redunant files removed, fixed clipping/invisible polys
:white_check_mark: removed excess polygons on Lady's Knickers 

For full list, good luck, or scroll on the side. a lot. There is a lot of converts here. So many gd converts. It's scary how many gd converts this modpack has. I tried to keep it organized. List with all included replacements bellow. I only included the main variant for sake of my sanity.



Ty LunaRosa and Heiwa for letting me include your ports in the modpack as well!

Download size DL size 60.25 MiB
Space required Space req. 146.1 MiB
  • Gear Select
    • Body
    • Legs
    • Misc
  • Obsolete Android's Halfrobe of Casting/Healing
    1. Belt
    2. No Belt
  • Model A-1 and A-2 Tactical Top
    1. Yes Peircing
    2. No Peircing
  • Male Dalmascian Draped Top
    1. Barbie
    2. Ken
    3. Allan
  • Etoile Longcoat Set
    1. Male w/ Shirt
    2. Male w/o Shirt
  • Street Top Male
    1. Barbie
    2. Ken
    3. Allan
  • Female Fat Cat Loungewear
    1. Clear Long Nails
    2. Clear Short Nails
    3. Painted Short Nails
    4. Painted Long Nails
  • Oasis Tunic
    1. Necklace
    2. No Necklace
  • Demon Chestpeice of Scouting
    1. Sash + Armor
    2. No Sash + Armor
    3. No Sash + No Armor
    4. Sash + No Armor
  • Hooded Fireglass Leather Vest
    1. Peircing Yes, Male Ken
    2. Peircing Yes, Male Barbie
    3. Peircing No, Male Ken
    4. Peircing No, Male Barbie
  • Tantalus Top
    1. Belt
    2. No Belt
  • Anemos Gambison
    1. Belt
    2. No Belt
  • Gaia's Attire
    1. Clear Short Nails
    2. Clear Long Nails
    3. Painted Short Nails
    4. Painted Long Nails
  • Street Jacket Options
    1. Halter + Belly Button Peircing
    2. Halter + No Belly Button Peircing
    3. Full Shirt
  • Vampire's Vest
    1. Has Cape
    2. No Cape
  • Woodland Warden's Top
    1. Full Cape
    2. Short Cape
    3. No Cape
  • Female Yakaku Dogi
    1. Tattoo
    2. No Tattoo
  • Male Yakaku Dogi
    1. Barbie Tattoo
    2. Barbie No Tattoo
    3. Ken Tattoo
    4. Ken No Tattoo
  • Isle Explorer's Shirt
    1. Yes Backpack, Yes Scarf
    2. Yes Backpack, No Scarf
    3. No Backpack, Yes Scarf
    4. No Backpack, No Scarf
  • Isle Farmhand Cutoffs
    1. LegScarf
    2. No LegScarf
  • Oasis Halftrews
    1. Socks
    2. No Socks
  • Southern Seas Vest
    1. Ken
    2. Allan
  • Moonfire Halter Set
    1. Tattoo
    2. No Tattoo
  • Lord's Yukata
    1. Moogle Mask
    2. No Moogle Mask
  • Lords Blueflame Yukata
    1. Bombs
    2. No Bombs
  • Summer Indigo Shirt
    1. Male Chemise, Female Chemise
    2. Male Chemise, Female No Chemise
    3. Male No Chemise, Female Chemise
    4. No Chemise Male and Female
  • Inferno Jacket
    1. Male + Female Fullshirt
    2. Male Fullshirt, Female Croptop
    3. Male Shirtless, Female Fullshirt
    4. Male + Female Croptop
    5. Male Shirtless, Female Croptop
  • Moonfire Happi
    1. Male With Shirt, Female FullShirt
    2. Male with Shirt, Female Croptop
    3. Male No Shirt, Female Croptop
    4. Male No Shirt, Female FullShirt
  • Thavnarian Bustier -- Male Options
    1. Barbie Male
    2. Ken Male
    3. Allan Male
  • Female Thavnarian Bottoms
    1. Panties
    2. Shorts
  • Uraeus Coat
    1. Knife
    2. No Knife
  • Raptorskin Shirt
    1. Croptop Addition
    2. Original Vanilla Look
  • Nior Slacks
    • Nior Slacks Enabled
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • AR-Caean Velvet Bottoms of Aiming
  • AR-Caean Velvet Bottoms of Casting
  • AR-Caean Velvet Bottoms of Fending
  • AR-Caean Velvet Bottoms of Healing
  • AR-Caean Velvet Bottoms of Maiming
  • AR-Caean Velvet Bottoms of Scouting
  • AR-Caean Velvet Bottoms of Striking
  • AR-Caean Velvet Hose of Crafting
  • Abes Halfslops
  • Abyssos Culottes of Casting
  • Abyssos Culottes of Healing
  • Abyssos Hose of Fending
  • Abyssos Hose of Maiming
  • Abyssos Tights of Aiming
  • Abyssos Tights of Scouting