Hannish scale ointment

"An alchemically-created ointment that gives Au Ra scales an iridescent aspect."

Pre-Dawntrail mod
This mod was last updated before Dawntrail became available to download. This does not necessarily mean that the mod won't work, but please keep it in mind.
Changes in 3.4.0
Updated the base to Atramentum Luminis 3.4.0 (fixes minute details in scale detection parameter handling, that should be inconsequential – if you had skin materials using these parameters, you should be using Atramentum Luminis Level 2 anyway).

This mod works on both Raen and Xaela, on both genders, and it works both on its own and with most of the other skin/scales mods, though it might not look as good on strongly-colored scale mods. Available in 3 intensities and 9 hue positions.

Also includes functionality from the Atramentum Luminis Textures-only Skin Framework, so that you can have glowing tattoos, scales or nails at the same time.

If you're using the Atramentum Luminis Textures and Materials Skin Framework, don't use this mod, see the Atramentum Luminis authoring manual's iridescence sections instead for how to replicate its functionality on that framework.

Deprecated: The current form of this mod will eventually be discontinued, and replaced by a set of Au Ra skin materials that depend on Atramentum Luminis to provide the same result.


You may not sell this mod unmodified, or any unmodified part of it. Other than that, you may do what you want with this mod, including but not limited to studying it, modifying it and making any kind of derivatives (including for commercial purposes). If you want to include this mod unmodified or part of it in a package you're selling, you must make this mod available separately for free, for example by linking to one of its web pages. This mod also comes as-is, without warranty of any kind.

Download size DL size 677.78 KiB
Space required Space req. 7.21 MiB
  • Intensity / Hue positions
    1. Normal / Green-Red / Blue-Yellow
    2. Normal / Green-Red / Yellow-Blue
    3. Normal / Red-Green / Blue-Yellow
    4. Normal / Red-Green / Yellow-Blue
    5. Normal / Blue-Yellow / Green-Red
    6. Normal / Yellow-Blue / Green-Red
    7. Normal / Blue-Yellow / Red-Green
    8. Normal / Yellow-Blue / Red-Green
    9. Normal / Rainbow
    10. Faint / Green-Red / Blue-Yellow
    11. Faint / Green-Red / Yellow-Blue
    12. Faint / Red-Green / Blue-Yellow
    13. Faint / Red-Green / Yellow-Blue
    14. Faint / Blue-Yellow / Green-Red
    15. Faint / Yellow-Blue / Green-Red
    16. Faint / Blue-Yellow / Red-Green
    17. Faint / Yellow-Blue / Red-Green
    18. Faint / Rainbow
    19. Vibrant / Green-Red / Blue-Yellow
    20. Vibrant / Green-Red / Yellow-Blue
    21. Vibrant / Red-Green / Blue-Yellow
    22. Vibrant / Red-Green / Yellow-Blue
    23. Vibrant / Blue-Yellow / Green-Red
    24. Vibrant / Yellow-Blue / Green-Red
    25. Vibrant / Blue-Yellow / Red-Green
    26. Vibrant / Yellow-Blue / Red-Green
    27. Vibrant / Rainbow
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Shader