M Hyur-Base Asymm Chestpiece Collection

A mani-pedi style pack, but for chestpieces: Type M Edition!

Changes in 2.1.5
New: Updated models for DT, just to be safe!

Chances are, I'll be working on this again! Just a bit more slowly than my initial rush. My hopes are to have all of the DT models done after the first week or so of Savage, but we'll see how much prog kills me! In the meantime, enjoy your expansion!

Please report any bugs with model updating as soon as possible, because as this pack implies, there's a lot of potential errors and I may have missed something. It should still work with the new version of TBSE, and I didn't see anything odd (well, related to this pack at least) when I was walking around town. With Glamourer not in a functional state, however, it's a little harder for me to test this pack, so I welcome any and all reports!

Annoyed by your tattoo breaking when leveling up a character? Can’t remember if you actually found a dedicated upscale for a piece of gear? Starting a new alt and frustrated by a lack of options to keep their fancy new skin intact? Well, have I got a slightly less of a surprise pack for you!

A collection of chestpieces updated to use an asymmetrical skin UV for M Midlander based models, as well as Highlanders. Essentially meant to provide compatibility with TBSE and TBSE derivative textures, as well as AVB mods.

Focused first on levelling and easily accessible gear at the moment, with wandering tangents elsewhere as I get distracted. Updates will come as I remember gear exists and as I have time.

There is no upscaling involved here, ONLY skin material changes. Works with diffuse edits, texture edits in general, and coloursets. Not compatible with other model changes, such as actual size upscales. Please put those at a higher priority if you want to use them instead.

These are set to use material _b, for compatability with base TBSE. If you use a different vanilla style UV and want this to affect you, such as for FTMSE, please go to “Advanced Editing’, the tab “Material Reassignment”, and change From b To your material path. You may want to import this mod twice, one for yourself which you edit, and one for everyone else, if you choose this option. I'll likely upload a Variant which has this already done if enough people request it, or when it has reached a mostly complete state.

Known issues include a reported slight squashing of TBSE made textures on the chest area for Viera M, sometimes. I can't really do much about it, and didn't really see it on my screen but I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. Issues do not manifest at all on gear with Viera-specific models.

HUGE thank you and credit to JenF (https://www.glamourdresser.com/author/jenf) for the guide on how to do these easily! Thanks for stopping me from hand stitching all of these like I had been.


Use it the same way you'd use vanilla items, comply with HS' terms of service. I don't care if you use these for mashups or whatever, it's all SE's stuff.

Download size DL size 40.63 MiB
Space required Space req. 98.67 MiB
Options Simple mod — no options.
  • TBSE 3.0 minimum
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • AR-Caean Velvet Work Shirt of Crafting
  • Abes Jacket
  • Acolyte's Robe
  • Adamantite Mail of Maiming
  • Adventurer's Hooded Vest
  • Aesthete's Doublet of Crafting
  • Aetherial Boarskin Harness
  • Aetherial Cotton Tabard
  • Aetherial Linen Shirt
  • Aetherial Peisteskin Harness
  • Aetherial Raptorskin Harness
  • Aetherial Steel Chainmail
  • Aetherial Velveteen Shirt
  • Aetherial Woolen Shirt
  • Ala Mhigan Coat of Aiming