Lukey's Junk Removal

I hate when they put SHIT on my GEAR !

Changes in 1.0.6
Adds Darbar cast/aim/heal

i do not like when there's random things on my gear :)
i like to remove them :) !

DM me on discord if you have a request or if you find issues. I'll update this modpack now and again as I convert old mods for DT and also if i hate something that I see.

Most are just texture edits, but some have 3d edits as well. Texture edits will be compatible with upscales but model edits won't be, sorry !

List of Edits:

Street Jacket - Remove the Necklace and moogle
Casual Jacket - Removes Bag. Extra option to remove the Elbow 'Pockets'
Hrothgar Vest - Remove the Bag
Crystarium Scouting Top - Remove the extra 'Skirt'
Diadochos Heal/Cast Top - Remove the bag
Diadochos Fending - Remove waist belt. Option to remove chest belt
Sky Singlet - Removes the Tattoo
Late Allagan Cast/Heal - Removes the Bag
Pictomancer's Bolero - I made it bald bro.
Voeburtite Heal/Cast - Removes the belts on the arm + the necklace + the keys. keeps the belt around the waist though.
Darbar Cast/Heal/Aiming top - removes some extra bits + a dye edit


You're free to use this as a base for your mods or include it in your modpacks, please just give me credit if you do, thank you :D

Download size DL size 9.18 MiB
Space required Space req. 16.69 MiB
  • Set 1
    • Casual Jacket - Remove Bag
    • Casual Jacket - Remove Bag + Arm patches
    • FemHroth Top Remove Bag
    • Crystarium Scouting Top - Remove Extra Layer
    • Diadochos Heal/Cast - No Bag
    • Singlet No Tattoo
    • Late Allagan Cast/Heal - Remove Bag
    • Diadochos Fending - No Waist
    • Diadochos Fending - No Waist + No Chest Belt
    • Pictomancer's Bolero - F ONLY
    • Voeburtite Heal/Cast - Remove 'Belts' + Keys
    • Darbar Cast/Heal/Aim
  • Merges
    • Street Jacket Remove Necklace + Moogle
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Augmented Crystarium Coat of Aiming
  • Augmented Diadochos Coat of Casting
  • Augmented Diadochos Coat of Healing
  • Augmented Diadochos Jacket of Fending
  • Casual Jacket
  • Crystarium Coat of Aiming
  • Darbar Coat of Aiming
  • Darbar Coat of Casting
  • Darbar Coat of Healing
  • Diadochos Coat of Casting
  • Diadochos Coat of Healing
  • Diadochos Jacket of Fending
  • Hrothgar Vest
  • Late Allagan Coat of Healing
  • Ornate Diadochos Coat of Casting