Ash Princess [ TBSE ]

Set inspired on Cendrillon, for TBSE - Multisize body edits.

✿ General info:

» A full set inspired on Cendrillon, a VOCALOID song.
» Custom mesh made with blender, zbrush, substance and photoshop.
» Dyeable.
» Shaped around TBSE, Type W, Slim and Echo [all chest sizes].

» Variant A on dress removes the bow, Variant B removes the sleeves[-ish] and Variant C removes the pearls.
» Variant A on headpiece removes the little ribbons.
» Variant A on necklace removes the rose.

✿ Affects:

» Gown of Eternal Passion, Innocence and Devotion.
» Gloves of Eternal Passion, Innocence and Devotion.
» Bootlets of Eternal Passion, Innocence and Devotion.
» Ishgardian Choker [ All ].
» Frontier Ribbon.

✿ Contributors:

» Tsar for TBSE.
»» Mimi for slim, Westlaketea for Type W, Ro for small and petite Echo edits.
» Siwen for the Echo refits, all sizes.
» Felis for TBSE Shoe Fitting Base.
» アバンドン蘭花 for the ilustration used as inspiration/Cendrillon's 10th anniversary ilustration.

Feel free to use #eremmods when using any of my stuff! Would love to see!


✿ For refit/upscale to other bodies, FBX have been included in the mega link:

Download size DL size 23.6 MiB
Space required Space req. 141.52 MiB
  • Pick your flavor [ Chest ]
    1. None
    2. TBSE
    3. Type W
    4. Slim
    5. Echo Flat
    6. Echo Petite
    7. Echo Small
  • Pick your flavor [ Gloves ]
    1. None
    2. TBSE
    3. Type W
    4. Slim
  • Extras
    • Necklace
    • Shoes
    • Headpiece
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Amaurotine Choker of Aiming
  • Amaurotine Choker of Casting
  • Amaurotine Choker of Fending
  • Amaurotine Choker of Healing
  • Amaurotine Choker of Slaying
  • Bootlets of Eternal Devotion
  • Bootlets of Eternal Innocence
  • Bootlets of Eternal Passion
  • Frontier Ribbon
  • Gloves of Eternal Devotion
  • Gloves of Eternal Innocence
  • Gloves of Eternal Passion
  • Gown of Eternal Devotion
  • Gown of Eternal Innocence
  • Gown of Eternal Passion