gear mod

Lithe/Rue- medium chest normal legs
YaB/YaRue- buff medium buff+ watermelon legs
TBSE, TBSE-X-, full Highlander compatible

all rows are written in the mod itself for easy-adjust

"accept some clips" Sadly, I tried my best as long it doesn't contain "clipping" because it's oversized, don't hesitate to reach out to me I will try my best to fix it.


✦ General Permissions do's and don't! ✦

• No underage content, especially no "Lala" NSFW.
• No sharing of paid or server-exclusive content.
• No private, paid, website, or Discord use without permission.
• No use of model/texture parts for public/paid work without permission.
• Seek permission before releasing any edits publicly.
• Separate 3D edits and texture edits. Do not include both.
• I would be grateful if you Post all kind of edits in my Discord server.
• All purchases are final. Contact me on Discord for issues.

Download size DL size 41.69 MiB
Space required Space req. 139.82 MiB
  • 3d Base Top Female
    1. Nothing
    2. Lithe
    3. Rue
    4. YaB M.B.
    5. Yaru M.B.
    6. Muse+
  • 3d base Pants female
    1. Nothing
    2. Lithe
    3. Rue
    4. YaB W.M
    5. YaRue W.M
    6. Muses+
  • 3d base Male top and pants
    1. Nothing
    2. TBSE top
    3. TBSE-X top
    4. TBSE Slim
  • 3D Base Male Pants
    1. Nothing
    2. Tbse
    3. TBSE-X
    4. TBSE Slim
  • 3D base jacket
    1. Nothing
    2. Lithe/medium
    3. YaB
    4. Muse+
    5. TBSE
    6. TBSE-X
  • Texture Req!
    • Top
    • Pants
    • Jacket
  • Edenmete Wristlet of Aiming
  • Edenmete Wristlet of Casting
  • Edenmete Wristlet of Fending
  • Edenmete Wristlet of Healing
  • Edenmete Wristlet of Slaying
  • Edenmorn Wristlet of Aiming
  • Edenmorn Wristlet of Casting
  • Edenmorn Wristlet of Fending
  • Edenmorn Wristlet of Healing
  • Edenmorn Wristlet of Slaying
  • Street Cargo Trousers
  • Street Jacket