Holy Priest - WHM

Holy Priest - WHM

Changes in 2.3.0
New Temperance wing version added - wings are now not stiff and can move

Vfx mod for White mage.
Changes most skills to holytheme, and cleaned up annoying/ugly vfx.
Installation file includes multi select option so you can choose things you like.
Let me know in comments section if you find any bugs/issues.

Wings for male hrothgar and roegadyns are wierd, I have added a version for them, choose that only if you are male hrothgar or roegadyn and chose only one.
Unfortunately, even the normal temperance wings are broken for male hrothgar/roegadyns, even with this fix if you chose these options they will look broken on other races, and if you don't pick these they will look broken on hrothgar/roegadyns, you have to pick one and live with it.

Kofi link: https://ko-fi.com/s/03926fa89f

Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YON2kwdsmY


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Download size DL size 11.02 MiB
Space required Space req. 35.15 MiB
  • Skills
    • Stone II
    • Stone III
    • Stone IV
    • Glare
    • Glare III
    • All Aero's & Dia
    • Regen
    • Cure
    • Cure II
    • Medica
    • Medica II
    • Cure III
    • Holy
    • Holy III
    • Afflatus Rapture
    • Afflatus Solace
    • Afflatus Misery
    • Assylum
    • Assize
    • Plenary
    • Tetra
    • Divine Bension
    • Temperance
    • Thin Air
    • AquaVeil
    • Bell
    • Limit Break
    • Limit Break V2
  • Temperance adjustment for Hrothgar/Rogedyn (Males only)
    • Hrothgar - Male
    • Roegadyn - Male
  • Alternate Skill Effects
    • Afflatus Rapture
    • Temperance - Recolored old wings
  • Temperance V3 - Moving Wings
    • With Aura
    • No Aura
  • Action: Absolute Glare
  • Action: Absolute Stone IV
  • Action: Aero
  • Action: Aero II
  • Action: Aero II of the Seventh Dawn
  • Action: Aero III of the Seventh Dawn
  • Action: Aero of the Seventh Dawn
  • Action: Afflatus Rapture
  • Action: Afflatus Solace
  • Action: Afflatus Venat
  • Action: Allagan Stone III
  • Action: Aquaveil
  • Action: Archon's Stone IV
  • Action: Conjured Stone
  • Action: Cure