The Body SE

a.k.a TBSE

The Body SE is the offspring of The Body 2.5(discontinued, not availble) featuring multiple changes and improvements.


  • New body type/shape based on The Body 2.5 Type 2 shape.
  • Anatomical corrections and various shape improvements (compared to The Body 2.0|2.5).
  • Greatly improved geometry and animations.
  • FF style -friendlier- skin appearance.
  • Hands/feet skin depigmentation on darker tones.
  • New body hair options.
  • New SFW underwear.

Keep in mind:

  • Not all body hair color/skin color combos look -pretty-
  • Neck seam is still there. Just like vanilla.
  • Au Ra skin shader is now the same as the rest, meaning scales specularity and glossiness values are locked.
  • The Body 2.0(not 2.5) skin/scales mods will have to be updated to work with The Body SE. Outfits/3D mods will work just fine.
  • Will appear symmetrical on Vanilla/The Body 1.0|1.5 stuff.
  • All the NPCs will appear to be using SFW underwear. The reason for this decision is kids characters.
  • Flaccid- Smallclothes, Erect- Emperor's.

Technical stuff:

  • The Body SE has revamped topology (compared to The Body 2.0|2.5), new shape, and weights.
  • Uses Hrothgar shader (don't even try to switch to something else, unless you know what you're doing).
  • Each face multi/specular texture had to be edited to match the change.
  • Skin material parts A and B are being used for skin textures (material A - vanilla/The Body 1.0|1.5, material B - The Body 2.0|2.5).
  • The UV layout is the same as The Body 2.0|2.5 layout.
  • TBSE Dev Kit included. Has all the goodies (.psd, .max) for creating mods.

Alternative DL link (Includes DevTools folder for creators as well)


  • You're allowed to make mods based on these assets, even if paid. Vault/private them as much as you want, yes.
  • You can use included meshes and textures for your artwork/render, as long as you don't claim these assets to be your own.
  • You are NOT allowed to port any part of the mod into other games/applications. The Dev Kit can be ported to work in other programs (e.g. Blender, Maya).
  • Credit where it's due.
Download size DL size 369.39 MiB
Space required Space req. 1.38 GiB
  • Step 2 - Midlander/Miqo'te/Elezen
    1. T0
    2. T1
    3. T2
    4. T3
  • Step 3 - Highlander
    1. T0
    2. T1
    3. T2
    4. T3
  • Step 4 - Au Ra
    1. T0
    2. T1
    3. T2
    4. T3
  • Step 5 - Viera
    1. T0
    2. T1
    3. T2
    4. T3
  • Step 6 - Bottoms
    1. Gen A
    2. Gen B
    3. Gen C
    4. Gen D
    5. SFW
  • Step 7 - Effects
    1. Fake 3D, prominent
    2. No effect, smooth
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Au Ra Male (NPC) Skin Textures
  • Au Ra Male Face (Face) 1
  • Au Ra Male Face (Face) 2
  • Au Ra Male Face (Face) 3
  • Au Ra Male Face (Face) 4
  • Au Ra Male Skin Textures
  • Au Ra Male Tail (Etc) 1
  • Au Ra Male Tail (Etc) 2
  • Au Ra Male Tail (Etc) 3
  • Au Ra Male Tail (Etc) 4
  • Elezen Male Face (Face) 1
  • Elezen Male Face (Face) 101
  • Elezen Male Face (Face) 102
  • Elezen Male Face (Face) 103
  • Elezen Male Face (Face) 104