The Body SE - Body Type Edits

This mod reshapes Tsar's The Body SE meshes to approximate the old The Body 2 shapes.

⚠ THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE MOD. YOU NEED TO INSTALL THE ORIGINAL "The Body SE" MOD BEFORE INSTALLING THIS or alternatively install all of the texture files and hands/feet/NPC files included here. ⚠

This mod reshapes Tsar's The Body SE meshes to approximate the old The Body 2 shapes. Includes separate options for midlander and highlander tops (but they share the bottoms) with the following body types:

  • Default: the original TBSE shape.
  • Slim: Mimi's torso edit. The midlander version can be found here, but I have also included a version for highlanders.
  • Twink: based on TB2.0 Type 1.
  • Twunk: based on TB2.0 Type 2.
  • Off-season Twunk: based on a blend between TB2.0 Types 2 and 4; uses Type 2's frame but has a thicker midsection.
  • Hunk: based on TB2.0 Type 3.
  • Off-season Hunk: based on TB2.0 Type 4.
As in the original, the NSFW options will have the SmallClothes Legs use the flaccid penis and The Emperor's New Breeches use the erect penis.

I have also created an edit based on TB2 Type 5 and 5 Curvy, separate from this mod. It can be found here. Please read the entire mod description for information on how to combine these mods.

For mod creators: a Blender devkit can be found here and Photoshop files with the optional textures can be found here. These files include both the Body Type Edits changes and the original TBSE files.

⚠ Important note: This mod includes an optional set of skin textures (which are found in the optional files and not in the base modpack). These are the textures that used to be included in The Body 2.5, including the more muscular texture maps and the TB2 body hair options. You do not need to install these so long as you have installed the original TBSE mod before this, as it already includes textures; however, they might look better depending on which specific option you pick. You might need to do some experimentation to find what works best for you. If you install the body textures and the optional bits of the mesh modpack (hands and feet and such), this mod becomes standalone and can be installed even without the original TBSE.
⚠ Important note: If you have base TBSE installed and you pick one of the TBSE body hair options when installing the musculature files (T1, T2, or T3) you do not need to install the multi and diffuse packs. You might want to install the diffuses anyway because they are slightly different between TB2 and TBSE. If you don't have base TBSE installed and/or choose to use one of the old body hair options (v1-v9) then you have to install both the multi and the diffuse files.
⚠ Side note: The previews in the installer are all using the default TBSE textures/normals, but you can have different looks depending on what you're running instead.
⚠ Side note: Between the release of TB2.0 and TB2.5, the Type 3 (Hunk) textures were softened somewhat. However, the original "extra veiny" textures are in high demand, so I have included them in this mod as well.

(* preview pictures by Tsar, Mimi, and me.)

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  • The Body SE: Required prior installation unless you install all of the optional skin textures and other optional files.

Tsar for The Body SE and The Body 2.0 and Mimi for the Slim edit.


You must credit Tsar and Mimi for their work. Furthermore, this mod inherits the permissions of all other mods used in its making.

Download size DL size 6.22 MiB
Space required Space req. 10.92 MiB
  • Torso - Midlander
    1. Twink
    2. Slim
    3. Default
    4. Twunk
    5. Off-season Twunk
    6. Hunk
    7. Off-season Hunk
    8. None
  • Torso - Highlander
    1. Twink
    2. Slim
    3. Default
    4. Twunk
    5. Off-season Twunk
    6. Hunk
    7. Off-season Hunk
    8. None
  • Legs
    1. Twink - SFW
    2. Twink - Gen. A
    3. Twink - Gen. B
    4. Twink - Gen. C
    5. Twink - Gen. D
    6. Default - SFW
    7. Default - Gen. A
    8. Default - Gen. B
    9. Default - Gen. C
    10. Default - Gen. D
    11. Hunk - SFW
    12. Hunk - Gen. A
    13. Hunk - Gen. B
    14. Hunk - Gen. C
    15. Hunk - Gen. D
    16. None
  • Hands & Feet
    • SmallClothes Hands
    • SmallClothes Feet
    • The Emperor's New Gloves
    • The Emperor's New Boots
    • NPC Hands
    • NPC Feet
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • The Emperor's New Boots
  • The Emperor's New Breeches
  • The Emperor's New Gloves
  • The Emperor's New Robe