Bibo+ & TBSE Mani-Pedi Megapacks Extended

Conversions of vanilla hand and foot gear to the Bibo+ and TBSE bodies.

Changes in 1.0.3
1.0.3, 28/12/2022 - Added Augmented Healer's Gloves, Mun'gaek Cuffs, Augmented Lunar Envoy's Gloves of Casting, Fisher's Gloves, Eastern Journey Shoes, Kirimu Sandals of Scouting, Wristlet of Happiness, Dravanian Armguards of Casting, Far Eastern Noble's Armlets, Augmented Choral Ringbands, Guardian Corps Gauntlets, Augmented Classic Signifer's Fingerless Gloves, Augmented Tackleking's Sandals, Artisan's Sandals.

A collection of items converted to the Bibo+ and TBSE bodies, as a continuation of the work already completed by Red.

New additions will be done in batches when feasibly possible.

All items use the _bibo or _b material, and therefore require Bibo+ and/or TBSE. Currently, only the Vanilla Addon is being used for Bibo+, but additional nail lengths will be added as expac sets are completed. Additionally, only default TBSE is being used, with other variations to be added.

Many of these have accompanying metadata, which you can install or leave out and only install the models if you've already got a mod adding the same metadata. In this instance, please ensure you give it a higher priority (Penumbra), or load this mod AFTER the other mod (TexTools).

Each item with metadata is listed separately. Please only uncheck the options if you know what you're doing.

Many thanks to:

  • Illyriana, Tsar, and Bizu for Bibo+
  • Nanashi for Vanilla Addon
  • Tsar for The Body SE
  • Red for the original TBSE Mani-Pedi Megapack


Private edits are allowed to this mod, so long as you don't share them online.

Download size DL size 4.25 MiB
Space required Space req. 8.57 MiB
  • Metadata
    • Acolyte's Halfgloves
    • Aetherial Fingerless Boarskin Gloves
    • Atrociraptorskin Bracers of Casting
    • Dated Dodoskin Wristguards
    • Demon Bracers of Aiming
    • Demon Bracers of Scouting
    • Dravanian Armguards of Casting
    • Fisher's Gloves
    • Gryphonskin Gloves
    • Leatherworker's Gloves
    • Lunar Envoy's Gloves of Casting
    • Vanya Gloves of Casting
    • Artisan's Sandals
    • Augmented Tackleking's Sandals
    • Eastern Journey Shoes
    • Kirimu Sandals of Scouting
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Augmented Choral Ringbands
  • Augmented Classical Signifer's Fingerless Gloves
  • Augmented Healer's Gloves
  • Auri Halfgloves
  • Bard's Ringbands
  • Bunny Chief Loops
  • Bunny Loops
  • Choral Ringbands
  • Classical Signifer's Fingerless Gloves
  • Cleric's Gloves
  • Coronal Wristband
  • Crescent Moon Slippers
  • Cuffs of the Divine Hero
  • Cuffs of the Divine Light
  • Far Eastern Noble's Armlets