Tea Doll [ Minion ]

Minion based on Pandora Hearts

Changes in 1.0.1
- Added a new minion to be affected; Wind-Up Garuda.

✿ General info:

» Custom mesh made with blender and photoshop.
» Minion based on the Will of the Abyss fake form, from Pandora Hearts.
» Includes two different texture options; Cute and Twisted.
Cute being the default face of the plush, while Twisted is the mad expression with 'bloody' eyes.

✿ Affects:

» Wind-Up Moogle

✿ Contributors:

» Jun Mochizuki for Pandora Hearts ilustrations.

Feel free to use #eremmods when using any of my stuff! Would love to see!

Download size DL size 4.73 MiB
Space required Space req. 107.11 MiB
  • On Wind-up Moogle
    1. None
    2. Cute
    3. Twisted
  • On Wind-up Garuda
    1. None
    2. Cute
    3. Twisted
  • Minion: wind-up Garuda
  • Minion: wind-up moogle