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Scherana [The Moon]

My name is Scherana, or Scher for short, I am creating free and high quality mods and focus on handmade creations with a lot of options.
You can find a wild assortment not only here on XMA but also in my Discord like clothing and dresses, jewellery, face paints, skin diffuses, accessories, hair or props by me.
(My Discord was hacked 04th January so I lost all mod reports and also all contributions on my old name, just so people are not confused why this might feel off/empty)

Comissions and bookings for video lessons are now up and open on my Kofi page.

My aesthetic: witchy, mythological but still elegant / Teasing but not "slut" lewd

Body I work on: Pythia (Gen3) (preferably default (middle size) which I sculpted/edited myself and drew big parts of the diffuse myself as well <3


[Moon] Wrapped in Adornment

handmade layered necklace with chokers and longer parts for a fully wrapped look, unisex and mostly racewide