Yet Another Heartbeat

Doki doki

Changes in 1.0.1
• Fixes shape keys being erroneously applied to the arms on Large Buff.

Commissioned by Atano Rory~

Noxyll's Heartbeat ( upscaled to YAB+ sizes - Small, Medium or Large, each with Buff options!

Heartbeat is a stylish vanilla mashup comprising the Appointed Jacket with the sleeves, belts and collar of the male Neo-Ishgardian Top of Fending as well as the skirt from the Lunar Envoy's Trousers of Fending and the scarf from the Moonward Vest of Aiming (the skirt and the scarf being toggleable if those aren't your preference), replacing the Lawless Enforcer's Jacket. Strong steampunk-y noire vibes!

I slightly edited the colourset to make the colours match a little better so all textures are included, meaning you won't need the original mod for this one to work (I'd still recommend giving Noxyll a view and a download to show your support, though! or just grab theirs so it works on males too!)

I also made all the shape data so it should be glove compatible, but C+ compatibility may be limited because of the scarf and bandolier.

This one was a real learning experience aince the original mod was a .pmp and I like my mods to be .ttmps for backwards compatibility - I spent almost as long figuring out how to extract the files in a usable manner as I did with the actual upscaling part, and that's saying a lot because this was basically four separate upscales in one piece! Completely worth it though, it's a wonderful design.

• Vanilla/non-YAB long gloves may clip with Buff arms.
• May clip in extreme poses or with extreme C+ scalers.

If you want to direct any bug reports, screenshots or just general chatter towards me, my discord is @fightylighty. If you want to fund my pack-a-day redbull habit (I'm joking), my Kofi is "Hey lighty, what are you up to next/when are you going to do xyz??" check out my Trello! Want to learn how to do what I do for yourself? Have a look at my guide!



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Download size DL size 3.56 MiB
Space required Space req. 6.31 MiB
  • Size:
    1. Small
    2. Small Buff
    3. Medium
    4. Medium Buff
    5. Large
    6. Large Buff
  • Options:
    1. Show All
    2. Hide Skirt
    3. Hide Scarf
    4. Hide Skirt + Scarf
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Lawless Enforcer's Jacket