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Hi, I'm Light!

I'm a modder, artist, raider, and all around moron.

I'm a YAB enthusiast who specialises in vanilla upscales, but I've done refits, texture edits, mashups, from-scratch pieces and fixing up other mods... I finally decided to put my three years of studying Game Art at uni to good use.

I'm disabled and can't work a regular job (chronic migraines, if you're curious), so I mod to keep myself busy. I take commissions and requests, and once in a blue moon I'll make something for me, too.

It's not easy for me to work on things during flare ups so I can't guarantee a certain turnaround nor x number of mods released per week, but I always keep my Trello up to date so you can keep an eye on when things are coming. Rest assured, if I'm not raiding, bedridden or asleep, I'm probably working on mods!

If you have a bug to report, want something made, or just want to chat, my discord is @fightylighty - no need to apologise about random friend requests/DMs!

If you want to see what comms I've got lined up, what I'm planning next, what requests I'm considering working on, or just want to find out more info about my comms/requests/perms/prices/me/whatever, check out my Trello: https://trello.com/b/d20ttJRU/mods