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Hi, I'm Light!

I'm a modder, artist, raider, and all around moron.

I'm a YAB enthusiast who specialises in vanilla upscales, but I've done refits, texture edits, mashups, from-scratch pieces and fixing up other mods... I finally decided to put my three years of studying Game Art at uni to good use.

I'm disabled and can't work, so I mod to keep myself busy. I take commissions and requests, and when those dry up I do whatever takes my fancy. It's not easy for me to work on things during flare ups so I can't guarantee a certain turnaround, but I always keep my Trello up to date so you can keep an eye on when things are coming.

If you have a bug to report, want something made, or just want to chat, my discord is @fightylighty - no need to apologise about random friend requests/DMs!

"Hey lighty, what are you up to next/when are you going to do xyz??" check out my Trello! https://trello.com/b/d20ttJRU/mods