Yet Another Faire

It's always summer when u this hot

Changes in 1.2.0
Added piercings.

Partially Commissioned by Victana~

The Faire Joi and Kohakama, as well as aaaaall the Shisui Jois and Kohakamas, upscaled to YAB+ sizes!

The Jois come in Small, Medium or Large, with regular, Buff, Rue, and Rue Buff options! The Kohakamas come in Watermelon Crushers or Skull Crushers, with options for Small Booty, Rue, or Small Booty Rue!

I've also listed all of the variant parts in the description in case you want to play around with variant parts. I won't list all the parts nor the variant IDs here since there's so many Don't forget, Advanced Editing tab > Meta Manipulations > Variant Edits.

(I was not aware helio replaced the modpack description so here's the list)

If you'd like to mess with showing/hiding variant parts, check the changed items tab for the model ID and variant codes, then check/uncheck these boxes:

A - Pauldron(s)
B - (unused)
C - Collar w/ thin straps
D - Collar only
E - Ribbon straps
F - Hanging charm
G - Right arm strap (e0485 only)

A - (unused)
B - (unused)
C - Hanging charm
D - Hip plates
E - Front plate
F - Skirt
G - Garter(s)
H - Skirt tails
I - Belt (only non-vanilla toggle)

Pictured is the Faire Joi (dyed pure white) in Large Rue Buff and the Shisui Kohakama of Healing in Skull Crusher Rue, and the Shisui Joi of Fending in Medium Buff and the Shisui Kohakama (with the skirt unhidden) in Watermelon Crushers.

Pls appreciate the thigh squish I spent way too long trying to get it perfect :3

The skirt was a very awkward length to work with and weight, so the shape is a little unusual and might clip with longer shirts at the bottom. if it's a problem, let me know and I can take another crack at it. There is also the option to hide it - it's variant part F on both models.

Requires a bibo based body. Rue sizes are only compatible with other Rue mods, as they alter a mesh seam. Non-buff long gloves will likely clip with Buff sized arms.

If you find a mistake, have a request, or just wanna shout about squish (squiiiish!!!) my discord is @fightylighty, or you can ping me wherever you like. If you'd like to support the squish my work, my Kofi is "Hey lighty, what are you up to next/when are you going to do xyz??" check out my Trello!

Happy squishing~


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Space required 29.6 MiB
Total downloads 1,196
1.2.0 downloads 492
1.2.0 released 8 days ago
Mod released 15 days ago
  • Joi Size:
    1. Omit
    2. Small
    3. Small Buff
    4. Small Rue
    5. Small Rue Buff
    6. Medium
    7. Medium Buff
    8. Medium Rue
    9. Medium Rue Buff
    10. Large
    11. Large Buff
    12. Large Rue
    13. Large Rue Buff
  • Kohakama Size:
    1. Omit
    2. Watermelon Crushers
    3. Watermelon Small Booty
    4. Watermelon Rue
    5. Watermelon Rue Small Booty
    6. Skull Crushers
    7. Skull Small Booty
    8. Skull Rue
    9. Skull Rue Small Booty
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Faire Joi
  • Faire Kohakama
  • Shisui Joi of Aiming
  • Shisui Joi of Casting
  • Shisui Joi of Fending
  • Shisui Joi of Healing
  • Shisui Joi of Maiming
  • Shisui Joi of Scouting
  • Shisui Joi of Striking
  • Shisui Kohakama of Aiming
  • Shisui Kohakama of Casting
  • Shisui Kohakama of Fending
  • Shisui Kohakama of Healing
  • Shisui Kohakama of Maiming
  • Shisui Kohakama of Scouting