Fabulous Trans Men – Special Edition

Texture and genitalia replacement for men to have a vagina.

Pre-Dawntrail mod
This mod was last updated before Dawntrail became available to download. This does not necessarily mean that the mod won't work, but please keep it in mind.

Texture and genitalia replacement for men to have a vagina. Compatible with all The Body SE and The Body 2 mods (textures of existing mods will not break) and includes versions using all Body Type Edits. Also includes six options for the vagina (one based on the BBWVR2 vagina, three based on the Bibo+ vagina, one IVCS-enabled BBWVR2 vagina and one IVCS-enabled Bibo+ vagina (⚠⚠⚠ make sure to read the guide on how to use IVCS ⚠⚠⚠)) plus options for top surgery scars based on grym's original mod.

This mod will by itself only affect the SmallClothes and Emperor's New clothes, plus the skin materials. It adds an extra skin material (FTMSE instead of B) so that it can coexist with regular TBSE mods without affecting their textures, but you can enable the skin patches in the installer to make the FTMSE textures available in materials A, B, and D.

The preview pictures here include the four vagina options and the chest scar options (light and dark respectively) using the "multi with scars" option available in the installer.

For mod creators: a Blender devkit can be found here and loose meshes and textures can be found here.

⚠ IMPORTANT: The old FTM mods use skin material C for the body hair layer and skin material D for the actual skin, features which have been deprecated by the latest version of The Body and this mod. However, their lack may cause those old mods to be invisible, especially if you are playing a male viera who never had TB2 support in the first place. In order to make those mods work, you will need to enable the skin material patches C and D.

(* preview pictures by me.)

(* you can find an alternative download link from Google Drive here.)

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Tsar for The Body SE, Sko514 for the BBWVR2-based vagina, Tsar and Illyriana for the Bibo+ vagina, grym for the chest surgery scars, Spiswel for help with the construction and setup of the original FTMSE mod, Rayrei and Krisan Thyme for IVCS, and Cultist for the IVCS edit of the Bibo+ vagina.


You must credit Tsar, Sko514, Illyriana, grym, Spiswel, Rayrei, Krisan Thyme, and Cultist for their work. Furthermore, this mod inherits the permissions of all other mods used in its making.

Download size DL size 1.48 GiB
Space required Space req. 4.62 GiB
  • SmallClothes Legs
    1. Twink - SFW
    2. Twink - NSFW
    3. Twink - IVCS
    4. Twunk - SFW
    5. Twunk - NSFW
    6. Twunk - IVCS
    7. Hunk - SFW
    8. Hunk - NSFW
    9. Hunk - IVCS
    10. Omit
  • Emperor's New Breeches
    1. Twink - SFW
    2. Twink - NSFW
    3. Twink - IVCS
    4. Twunk - SFW
    5. Twunk - NSFW
    6. Twunk - IVCS
    7. Hunk - SFW
    8. Hunk - NSFW
    9. Hunk - IVCS
    10. Omit
  • Base Textures
    1. No Scars - T0 - Smooth
    2. No Scars - T1
    3. No Scars - T2
    4. No Scars - T3
    5. Dark Scars - T0 - Smooth
    6. Dark Scars - T1
    7. Dark Scars - T2
    8. Dark Scars - T3
    9. Light Scars - T0 - Smooth
    10. Light Scars - T1
    11. Light Scars - T2
    12. Light Scars - T3
  • Musculature
    1. Twink - T0 - Smooth
    2. Twink - T1
    3. Twink - T2
    4. Twink - T3
    5. Default - T0 - Smooth
    6. Default - T1
    7. Default - T2
    8. Default - T3
    9. Twunk - T0 - Smooth
    10. Twunk - T1
    11. Twunk - T2
    12. Twunk - T3
    13. Hunk - T0 - Smooth
    14. Hunk - T1
    15. Hunk - T2
    16. Hunk - T3
    17. Hunk (Extra Veiny) - T0 - Smooth
    18. Hunk (Extra Veiny) - T1
    19. Hunk (Extra Veiny) - T2
    20. Hunk (Extra Veiny) - T3
    21. Off-Season Twunk & Hunk - T0 - Smooth
    22. Off-Season Twunk & Hunk - T1
    23. Off-Season Twunk & Hunk - T2
    24. Off-Season Twunk & Hunk - T3
  • Skin Material Patches
    • Material A (vanilla/TB1)
    • Material B (TB2/TBSE)
    • Material C (Body Hair)
    • Material D (Old FTM mods)
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • Au Ra Male Skin Textures
  • Highlander Male Skin Textures
  • Midlander Male Skin Textures
  • The Emperor's New Breeches
  • Viera Male Skin Textures