The Body SE - Bara Body Edit

This mod reshapes Tsar's The Body SE meshes to approximate the old The Body 2 Type 5 and Type 5 Curvy shapes by Rayrei.

Changes in 2.0.0-BETA-1
Updated for Dawntrail.

This mod reshapes Tsar's The Body SE meshes to approximate the old The Body 2 Type 5 and Type 5 Curvy shapes by Rayrei. Includes separate options for midlander and highlander tops (including the 5 Curvy option for highlanders) and options for the legs. As in the original, the NSFW options will have the SmallClothes Legs use the flaccid penis and The Emperor's New Breeches use the erect penis.

An alternative IVCS-enabled modpack is also available. The legs options are all erect.

⚠ Important note: this mod does not include any textures, nor the hands and feet meshes. Make sure to install the base TBSE mod first. Then, if you wish to use more "muscled" textures to accentuate the body type, you can fetch the "Type 3" textures from my Body Type Edits mod. ⚠ The previews on this page and in the installer may not match what you see in game depending on which textures you have installed. Mix and match until you find something you like!

For mod creators: a Blender devkit can be found here.

(* preview pictures by me.)

(* you can find an alternative download link from Google Drive here.)

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Tsar for The Body SE and Rayrei for the original Type 5 and Type 5 Curvy edits to The Body 2.0, and Rayrei and Krisan Thyme (Krisan Thyme#0001) for IVCS.


You must credit Tsar, Rayrei, and Krisan Thyme for their work. Furthermore, this mod inherits the permissions of all other mods used in its making.

Download size DL size 1.81 MiB
Space required Space req. 3.12 MiB
  • Top - Bara & Bara Curvy
    • Midlander Bara
    • Highlander Bara
    • Highlander Bara Curvy
  • Legs - Bara Curvy
    1. Underwear
    2. Gen. A
    3. Gen. B
    4. Gen. C
    5. Gen. D
    6. Omit
Race and gender
Au Ra
  • The Emperor's New Breeches
  • The Emperor's New Robe